We all love the summer months, especially after a cold winter. There is no arguing that even though the heat feels good, sometimes we need a break from the warm temperatures and need to cool off.

During the summer months, there are lots of outdoor festivals and events that bring people together. However, the extreme heat of summer can turn these fun events into something not so enjoyable. Along with the discomfort of heat comes an increased risk of heatstroke, dehydration and other serious health problems.

One of the best things you can do when planning an outdoor event during the summer months is to rent a portable A/C unit. Along with your AC unit, you will need an efficient process chiller. Chances are if you are using a chiller for a onetime event, you will not want to make the large investment of purchasing one. This is where renting a chiller or cooling system is a plus! Instead of fronting a large amount of cash, many companies (such as Chiller Service Northwest) offer chiller rentals which will fit your needs without putting a hole in your pocket!

Another good reason to rent a process chiller is if your A/C breaks down suddenly. Unfortunately, summer is the time when air conditioners are pushed to the max, and it is common to see older or poorly maintained units suddenly break down. Renting a chiller can get your business cooled off quickly while you are waiting for a new unit to arrive. Chiller Service NW has a large inventory of high capacity units that are ready to use. Our team of experts will help you assess your cooling needs and choose the unit that is right for you.

You may also want to try out a certain type of chiller before making a big investment in purchasing one. It is very important that industrial chillers are carefully matched to the specifics of a job to ensure reliable performance. Renting is a great way to confirm this before making a decision.
If you’re looking to rent a chiller, contact Chiller Service NW at (503) 766-3592 for all of your industrial chiller rental needs.