Why is it that the air conditioner always seems to go out during the hottest day of the summer? Having air conditioning definitely is a blessing on those hot, humid days. Process chillers are like air conditioners for liquids. Mostly we use air conditioning for personal comfort, but process chillers have a much more important role than that.

Process chillers are a type of industrial cooling system that is used when HVAC water chillers do not provide enough cooling power. But unlike HVAC chillers, process chillers are designed for more industrial and tough environments. Process chillers have the ability to cool up to 40 tons of refrigerant at a time, as well as regulate the temperature in manufacturing environments.
These machines can cool ANY size room or building. Process chillers are an efficient way to regulate temperatures of manufacturing processes in a number of different industries.

Where to use a process chiller depends on the particular need. It depends what you are using the chiller for, and the size of your process chiller. The chiller can be placed directly beside your machine you are wanting to cool, or in a separate room. Sometimes process chillers can even be placed outside of the facility.

Process chillers are useful for many industrial applications, such as regulating temperatures in the plastics industry to reduce the cycle times during the injection molding and blow molding processes. In the pharmaceutical industry, process chillers work to regulate the heat that comes from the manufacturing tools used to create the products. The food industry also uses process chillers. In the food industry, process chillers can be used to cool virtually any process such as chocolate and confectionery manufacturing.
The printing industry also uses process chillers to regulate the temperatures in the presses and rollers.
Wine makers use process chillers to help regulate temperature and prevent unwanted clouding, browning and discoloration during the fermenting process.

The role of a process chiller should never be taken for granted. Just like the power of air conditioning in a home or building, ?the importance of the process chiller should not be underestimated in the manufacturing industry.
Process chillers are an important addition to any environment where temperature regulation and control is necessary. They serve an important role as the temperature regulators, and keep processes running smoothly and efficiently.